Fx-2000 VVVF Drive

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Feature of Fx2000

The Fx2000 generates powerful performance and meets your precise needs through several features: superior V/F control, V/F PG, slip compensation and sensor less vector control as well as closed-loop vector control.

The Fx2000 is perfectly suited for the toughest, most complex applications – cranes, plastic winders, high-speed elevators, cement kilns, crushers… and more. It handles loads up to 375 kW – HD /

450 kW – ND, and is engineered to keep your machine operating at optimum efficiency, even in the hot, humid and dusty conditions that characterize India’s industrial environment.


Main Features

  • Range: 0.75kW to 375kW (HD)
  • V/F control, V/F with PG,

Slip compensation. Sensor less Vector Control, Close Loop Vector Control

  • Built-in Macro for Crane
  • Starting Torque: 250% at 0Hz for Closed Loop
  • Optional Smart PLC
  • Optional Synchronization card
  • Droop Control
  • Conformal Coating complying to IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2 (max) and class 3C3 (avg)

Built-in RS485 Modbus RTU Communication

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