Compact, lightweight, easy to install, operate and service – the Nx2000+ Series is perfectly suited for conveyors, pumps, fans and textile machinery. It handles load up to 1 1 kW, and is engineered to keep your machine operating at optimum efficiency, even in the hot, humid and dusty conditions that characterise India’s industrial environment



Main Features:


  • Range: 0.4kW to 11kW
  • V/F, Slip Compensation,

Sensorless Vector

Din Rail Mounting

Built in EMC Filter

  • Built-in 2 Nos multi function relays
  • Integrated Potentiometer
  • Built-in PID
  • Built-in Braking chopper
  • Torque Boost
  • Built-in 24V power source
  • RPM display on keypad
  • KEB for safety stop
  • Auto tuning of Motor
  • Conformal Coating complying to IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2 (max) and class 3C3 (avg
  • Built-in RS485 Modbus RTU Communication
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