Major Features and Benefits:-

The SEL-T400L is a state-of-the-art time-domain line protective relay operating within a few milliseconds for a wide range of fault and system conditions. Available in both 5 A and 1 A models, the SEL-T400L incorporates fault locating with accuracy typically within one tower span. With only a handful of settings and preconfigured protection logic, the SEL-T400L is simple to apply, yet it supports a variety of applications and protection philosophies.

Ultra-High-Speed Line Protection. Apply a traveling-wave line current differential scheme with a point-to-point fiber-optic channel to trip faults in 1–5 ms depending on the line length. Apply an incremental-quantity Zone 1 element with a 2–5 ms operating time without communication. Apply a permissive overreaching transfer trip scheme with any standard teleprotection channel using traveling-wave and incremental-quantity directional elements operating in 0.1–3 ms.

Versatile Applications. Apply the SEL-T400L to two-terminal overhead transmission lines, including series compensation, single- and dual-breaker terminations, and three-pole and single-pole tripping.

Simple Configuration. Use preconfigured relay logic and set only a few protection settings without the need for extensive short-circuit studies.

Accurate Fault Locating. Locate faults to the nearest tower.

Line Monitoring. Monitor the line for incipient faults, recurring faults, or incipient cable faults.

High-Resolution Oscillography. Record line currents and voltages with a 1 MHz sampling rate, storage for as many as 50 events, and a duration of 1.2 seconds per event.

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