R.K. Foundation wishes to fulfil the dreams of my father late Shri Umashankar Shukla for a prosperous society. The foundation is dedicated to his unforgettable memories who had always been a guiding star and an unparalleled wonderful human being.

Rajendra Kumar Shukla (younger son)

R.K. Foundation will be registered as a public charitable trust established in memory of late Shri Umashankar Shukla with a view to help the needy and deserving.

The foundation will endeavour to create a bridge between blessed and needy people to optimize the role of NGO’s, govt projects and policies involved in services related to health, education and environment care and above all any shape of human services. To begin with, the foundation with concentrates in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, Gradually the foundation will expand its services to the neighbouring states Odisha west Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar. It would connect with various societies shaping institutions like schools,colleges,hospitals,vocational training institutions and others to promote efficient&effective contribution.

Our Story

An innate desire to give back to society unconditionally is the driving force that leads to the birth of R.K Foundation by two likeminded family friends. The idea is to serve the society with minimum resources mainly to the deprived target population. For the founding members, It is purely a voluntary service and the satisfaction derived from work would be the reward. The idea is to seek and fulfil the fundamental needs of the deprived first and help prosperity to the deserving.Withits limited resources and unlimited will power the organization will help different govt organization.

The idea is ‘to become doer rather then’ to become thinker’ in well the shaded closed door sessions. We shall learn by doing and find what to do while doing something for the nation and humanity at large. We hope to get more and shoulders to rub with us in our endless journey. As any problem and i ssue related to the deprived communities will appear before the foundation we will collectively make our best efforts to address and resolve them. It will be an endless journey as we will not end up with eradicating poverty and pain rather, we shall make our best efforts to prosperity and happiness.

In this manner we shall keep adding a number of projects. We would like to promise before this dignified gathering that the founders will continue to work with the belief that no effort is futile even if it brings relief and some happiness to one life, because each life is an precious as that of our very own. We in bold letters invite all of you to come and rub shoulders with us

Our Story


The saying,” Health is Wealth” is realization that comes to all human beings when this amazingly precision instrument called ‘body’ develops some problem. People from all strata give it due attention during such times. But for a large number of people, the solutions to medical problems are unaffordable even when they know the consequences of not addressing them. These solutions may range from simple medication, to surgery, to provision of artificial limbs, to requirement of mobility aids like crutches or wheelchairs etc.

R.K Foundation with its limited resources will try to resolve such medical issues. It will distributes medicines, sponsor surgeries of acute life threatening diseases, provide mobility aids through several projects that it will run.


Education is a focus area for R.K Foundation. It believes that sustainable changes will come with education. It will seek to ensure continuity of education of children, It will frame out of the ways to encourage children continue education. These efforts primarily will provide note books, toys and sports adds to children of government there was nothing to write on. Efforts will also include support to schools to resolve infrastructure related problems like leaking roofs, construction of toilets, or setting up of plumbing lines to make water available through taps etc.


R.K Foundation will make efforts to ensure the environment given due care. To this end , it will encourage and facilitate plantation and cleanliness drives for water bodies.

YEAR PLAN 2020-21

R.K Foundation has targeted two government schools, one privet school and one engineering college to start with some sports, health and scholarship activities.