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VT Crop (ESP)

vp corp
The aim of making our world a better place to live and to protect the environment we have collaborated with VT Crop as one ofthe major electrostatic precipitator (ESP) manufacturer in India. Considering the increasing demands of environmental protection VT corp provides technically superior and most economical dedusting systems for various industrial application. Dust concentrations at the precipitator inlet of hundred grams per m3 can be reduced to any requested concentration at the precipitator outlet, e.g. to 20mg/Nm3 , or even lower for applications.

Advantages of VT Corp Systems

  • Gas Distribution Plate with the view of ensuring an even distribution of the incoming gas flow throughout the cross-section of the Precipitator and to reduce the overall pressure loss to optimum level, we provide walls of specially punched gas distribution plates at the inlet cone of the precipitator
  • Precipitator Casing: Our casing design is modular type. Our total weight of the casing is lighter by I 5% to 20% as compared to our competitors casing weight.
  • Precipitator’s supporting structure and Bearings: Our pendular type supporting structure is specially designed to take care of thermal expansions. Hence no bridge bearings are required in our design. Hence it is maintenance Free.
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